Ordering tools

We are offering some necessary ordering tools like base model kit rings, base material kit rings, density chart, color rings, curl and wave chart etc. With the help of these tools, ordering becomes easy.
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  1. Anello Colori da Donna

    Codice prodotto:Women Color Ring

    US$ 89,00

    Special Price US$ 49,00

  2. Kit Anello Modelli di Base

    Codice prodotto:Base model kit ring

    US$ 190,00

    Special Price US$ 120,00

  3. Anello Colori da Uomo

    Codice prodotto:Color ring

    US$ 99,00

    Special Price US$ 60,00

  4. Metro

    Codice prodotto:Measuring tape

    US$ 0,90

    Special Price US$ 0,50

  5. Griglia riccio & ondulatura

    Codice prodotto:curl chart

    US$ 25,00

    Special Price US$ 15,00

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